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 Post subject: Hybrid White Dorsal
PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2014 7:31 pm 
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This will be one of few other similar threads on how to identify hybrids.
It is by no means the absolute law .. These observations are for wild
collected specimens from Cumana region , collected for me to research and offer to hobby.
Hope you all enjoy it.

#1, Is white dorsal a hybrid trait ? =
Yes, it can be a developed hybrid trait.
And No , It can be a natural trait .

#2, What pure wild stock varieties have white dorsal ?
At the moment one register strain from Cumana region
has white dorsal as a natural trait.. Lime Green Endler.
Other wild stock strains at times produce few specimens
that show small amount of white color on dorsal =
White peacock, Regular peacock maybe few other types.

#3, Do wild endlers have white dorsals ?
None of the wild collected endlers from Cumana region
display white dorsals.. Very few of the of the specimens
that represent wild population display (some white) on dorsal..
These specimens are of none specific variety and very few
Almost none existent .

#4, Do wild black bars have white dorsal ?
None of the wild black bars collected from Cumana region
display a white dorsal. Most display clear, some black
and few specimens red coloration on dorsal..
Very few if any (line bred wild stock) black bars will display some
white on dorsal ..

#5, What causes white dorsal on hybrid stock ?
White dorsal is the result of modifier genes expressing them self on hybrid stock. These modifier genes are inherited by hybridizing fancy guppies with wild endler stock that carries ice bar. Modifier genes enhance ice bar (White pigments) beneath the dorsal causing it to bleed into dorsal .

#8, Is white dorsal a dominant trait ?
Yes, On hybrid stock it is passed on to future generations.
It is a difficult gene to eliminate and a good indicator of hybrid

#9, How do I know if my white dorsal endlers are hybrid ?
Common features .
#1, White dorsal=Usually most of the hybrid stock will display above average to almost full coverage of dorsal with white coloration.
#2, Other siblings will display thick guppy like bodies.
#3, Other siblings will display above average length of swords.
#4, When stock carries more than one of the hybrid traits , you can
be sure it is hybrid..

These observations are from hundreds of wild collected specimens
from Cumana region and thousands of wild stock specimens .

At no time this here information is meant to put down or discourage
hobbyist in any way. This info is provided in a friendly way to educate
and inform hobbyist .. AdrianHD

Any other questions that can be of use to make for better thread ,
Replies to make for better thread or corrections are welcome ..

Pics will be added as samples to reflect the info provided.
Member pics are welcome. Please email me with pics for review if
applicable to thread.

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